Web Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Danny.

I'm a Web Developer, studying BSc Web Technologies at Huddersfield University. I am currently in my final year of study carrying out a range of exciting projects!

You can take a look at my Final Year Project proposal in the form of a poster here.

I Code.

I love web development! I'm always learning & working on something or thinking about what I want to do next.

I Drink.

I have a slight caffeine addiction and have recently become acquainted with the joys of freshly ground filter coffee.

I Play.

Work hard, play harder! I love gaming, both PC and console, and own way too many games on Steam...

I Hit F5.

I do what I love, day in day out. The web excites me, and I enjoy leaving my digital footprint each and every day.

Under Construction

As you can probably tell, my portfolio is under construction! I've got a tonne of cool work from my two years at University to show off, along with some of my side projects and my upcoming final year projects. I'm just a tad busy at the moment with the sheer amount of uni work I have, so watch this space! Feel free to get in touch if you need anything!